I refuse to wear my hair straight!! Anyone else?

I prefer to see what my hair looks like straight and its length once in a while, but not a regular thing. Curls are awesome, it can just be nice for a change.
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I don't, but I don't think it's out of "refusal." This is just my hair. I don't want my hair to be a political statement, but I guess wanting all natural textures of hair to be acceptable is kind of a political statement anyway.

Besides, I'm FAR too lazy to do everything that my hair would require to be straight. And I don't want to deal with all of the "wow, your hair looks great! you should go straight more often" kind of comments.
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I've always had curly hair and have heard nothing but compliments all my life (I'm 50). I've never really straightened it although I did blow dry it relatively straight for a short time in high school but it was far too time consuming so that didn't last long. I've only had it truly straightened once....my hairdresser offered to do it just for fun last year when I said that I had no idea what I would look like with straight hair. It was fun but I just didn't look like myself and my BF's first comment was "it'll come back when you wash it won't it?" He seemed very worried

The closest thing I've heard to a diss of my hair was a backhanded compliment..."your hair looks beautiful today...it's not as curly as usual or something." Mostly people just tell me how lucky I am to have naturally curly hair. And, believe me, my hair's not all that special...I have good days and bad days but I'm happy to have curly hair which just seems to fit my personality. And, luckily for me my hair is pretty much wash and wear. It would probably be nicer if I was better at working with it but I am a truly lazy styler so it dries how it dries and some days are better than others. I'm in the midst of growing it out a bit now and haven't quite figured out how to get consistently good days yet but it'll be different in another week or two anyway so it's not worth obsessing over

My hair won't stay straight, so I have no choice. Within an hour or so, it starts to curl again, or frizz up. Even a chemical relaxer I tried once barely made a dent in it.

A guy I once dated said I had the perfect facial features for curly hair. I tend to think he was right. I have a heart-shaped face, heavier brows, full lips, and my nose has a small bump on the bridge. The curls enhance my features, where straight hair just looks awful on me. I just wasn't meant to have straight hair.
I am also too lazy to straighten my hair. It takes about 2 hours and it's boring and hot. It's also pointless because my hair looks good culry now. My hair usually turns out pretty good straight, thanks to the rarely used, expensive straightener my mom bought me, but sometimes it looks oily. I shower in the morning, staighten in the evening, and wake up with oily roots. It's always thick too, whether I wear it straight or curly. I usually do it for special occasions. Sometimes it is nice to see how long my hair has grown and peoples reactions. I have gotten the annoying coments like "You NEED to staighten your hair" the day after however. Other people say it was weird and I agree. I've had ringlety hair since I was a child and I'm just look plain weird with straight hair.

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It's funny - my hair isn't even really curly, but it's wavy enough that straightening it takes too much effort and doesn't last if the weather changes the tiniest bit. Before I got a decent cut and learned how to take care of it properly, I used to blow it dry and smooth it as best I could - but I never did any hardcore straightening with a straightening iron until a few years ago (but never since!). I was at my parents' place for Christmas and used the straightening iron before Christmas mass, and when I walked out of the bathroom proudly, my mom said "what did you do to your hair? It looks better curly!"

Thanks mom...
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When I get my hair trimmed I let my stylist straighten it - it's just something different and they have the magic blowdryers/brushes. I am so inept at doing it myself but I do try about 2x a year. I do like the change and my hair is pretty healthy so the occassional straightening with a blowdryer is not going to harm it. Depending upon how my curls are acting there are times when I wish I had could straighten better.

So I am not against it at all - to each their own
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It takes about as much time for me to straighten my hair as it does to leave it curly so I change it pretty frequently. It's always curly in the summer though. When it's humid out there is no way in hell this hair is staying straight.
The way I see it is that corporate America needs to stop forcing the "straighter is better" mentality on us curlies/wavies. Like the TV anchor (I forget her name) in NYC who was told to straighten her hair for on camera appearances. That's totally bogus. My wife has straight hair but it's naturally straight. Since I comne from a family of its share of wavies and curlies, I embraced my waviness again two years ago.
I don't straiten much at all, but it's out of laziness. That and I really suck with a flat iron.
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Me too. I don't straighten anymore, because my arms literally start to ache after awhile, due to my thick mop of curls!
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