good conditioner for very fine, very dry & damaged hair?

i have 3b/c very fine and thin hair and i'm looking for a really good conditioner that will help moisturize my quite dry & damaged hair. is the new aussie 3 minute miracle good? and do you know if it is CG? thanks!
As long as you get the one that DOESN'T say "Deeeeeeeeeeepp" on it, it is CG. I can't help you with the other question as to whether it is any good because I can't get past the smell!
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I really like Activate hydrating condish. You could try a DT like once a week to help with the dryness.
I too have very fine, thin hair. I pulled out my Robert Craig condish that I forgot I had. It worked great. Didn't weigh down or anything. I might have to cave and keep getting it.

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I have the same type of hair and I love Devacurl One Conditioner.
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