Bad hair!!

I have long naturally curly hair - on top of that- I have to color my gray--premature since I was 13..So I need some recomendations for good products. I want definition - I do like my hair crunchy--not too crunchy but I need something that will also take out the frizz..Any suggestions I dont know what hair type I have--I see b's and c's (where do you find that out) Thanks
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Here's where you can figure out hair types.

If you like strong hold and a bit of crunch, the first gel I'd suggest would be Herbal Essences Set Me Up (or Body Envy). Great hold, great resistance to humidity, cheap and easily available.
Thanks..I will go on to that site. I would have never guessed that herbal essence had a good product for curly hair..I have tried everthing from expensive (graham web, ouidad climate control (that worked the best)..and I recently had good luck with the got to b line...What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
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I rarely use shampoo. When I do, it's either Devacurl Low-Poo or Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream (both non-sulfate so less drying). My daily conditioner is Jessicurl Aloeba, with a bit of Too Shea on the ends.

Biosilk Rock Hard Gel is popular here for those who like a lot of hold and don't mind some crunch. I'd definitely try the HE gels first, though.
Wow! that herbal essence set me up must be very popular..everywhere I have gone they have been out!! I will keep looking..I was able to find the hair spray

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