Recommend a good, cheap gel

Here's what I did today:

1. Water wash with baking soda
2. Rake two huge handfuls of gel into sopping wet hair
3. Plop with a t-shirt for five minutes
4. Define my part with a wide-tooth comb
5. Let air dry for one hour
6. Finish drying with a diffuser for about three minutes
7. Then it was frizzy on top, so I put a nickel-size amount of BRHG (I finally found it!) on the top
8. Scrunch, turn head upside down and loosen curls

I usually dry with a regular towel, put the gel in after I take the towel off, comb all of my hair to detangle, and don't air dry. Obviously that's not working.

I decided if I'm going to use a whole lot of gel, I should stick with the cheaper gels and just use the more expensive BRHG to touch up. It's better than before, but it still frizzes when I diffuse or after I go outside. During the week, I don't have time to let it air dry.

Suggestions, please? Thanks again!!
Originally Posted by FuzzyMonster
Here are my suggestions, based on what has worked for me (although I realize your results may vary!):
-Try not using a wide-toothed comb at all. I was using one in the shower after rinsing, and I liked the results when I decided to go without one day. I've been going without ever since.
-Diffuse dry for a short amount of time before air drying.
-Scrunch the gel into your hair rather than raking it in.

Hope you start finding what works best for you, soon!
How often do you wash with baking soda? Because it is very harsh and drying.
I just started using baking soda a couple of weeks ago. I've been using it about 5 or 6 days a week. Someone on this site posted an article that recommended it. What should I do instead? Harsh and drying is exactly what I don't need! Here's the link to that article:

I tried just water washing, but my head itched terribly, and that's when I tried the baking soda.

wiildsheepchase, thanks for your ideas. I hope I find a good solution soon too; I'm about to go crazy with this frizz, especially since I just started a new job and want to look professional. It's so frustrating. Grrr. :x

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Thank you for telling me that; I had no idea! I was just following the advice on that article I posted. I don't recall it saying not to use the baking soda often. I've only been doing it for a week or two, and I'm taking a break. Yes, my hair is dull and lackluster and frizzy, but it was before I started the baking soda wash.

So do you do the lemon rinse every day, and wash with the Jessicurl once a week every other week? Did I understand that right? And that's all you do as far as washing goes? Maybe I'll try a lemon rinse and see if that's a better solution. Is there a recipe for the lemon rinse on this site?

I've been following wildsheepchase's recommendations this week, and my hair is looking better. I washed with regular shampoo, though, because I don't know what else to do. I can't do a co-wash because it weighs my hair down, and I can't do a water-only wash because my head itches.

My husband did notice a difference, though, and said my hair was less frizzy yesterday.

Thanks a million to you all for your help!
If conditioner weighs your hair down, try diluting it by adding some water. Except don't dilute it in the original bottle, in case you water it down too much. Or maybe try another conditioner?

Hmm, we seem to have "guano-ed" here.

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