Need Help With BRHG (and compare to Abba WG?)

I am so gel-impaired it's not funny.
So, I wanted to get the Abba WG, but I see BRHG (old formula) everywhere I go. I decided to try it-used it 4 times so far. The first time I used a couple of nickel-sized blobs over leave-in (potion 9-yeah, I still like to rotate this stuff in ) and RR. Good results. Tried the same, so-so results, a little flat. Then I tried it with just Jessicurl, using a small amount of Too Shea as a leave-in, increasing amount of gel. Worse-wasn't greasy, but looked it. So I figured TS as a leave-in was just too much. Today I used a small amount of gel over a smaller amount of potion 9 & RR (and a teeny bit of cc). It's ok, but kind of skinnier curls. Please tell me it's not the RR, or that it won't work with Jessicurl in general (I just stocked up). I was hoping for more definition, hold and clumping (what a surprise !). What combinations work best for 3a's (2s or 3s in general), and how much do you use? How does BRHG compare to Abba WG? TIA for helping someone who is apparently totally inept when it comes to styling aids
BRHG is more slimy gooey type of gel and Abba is hmm light and umm dunno real different in texture going on. It's not the gooey kind of gel at all.
Depending on the amount you use of abba and how much water and conditioner you have in your hair you'll get real crisp dry and then scrunching gives you nice curls or use less over super wet hair with a good bit of leave in and you get natural hold with almost nothing to scrunch out. It's curl enhancing too. It doesn't weigh anything on my hair at all. The gel is pink with little sparkly specs.
BRHG makes my curls skinnier too.

In my hair they're just beasts of a way different sort.
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BRHG is great for hold, but not so good for clumping. It just has a tendency to give stringier curls. Maybe mix it with a little bit of a lighter hold gel that does give you clumping? I don't think Jessicurl is the problem, except maybe TS was too much as a leave-in. Abba may give you better clumps, but you have to also be very careful with the amount. I would keep playing with BRHG, always using it over a leave-in and mix it with a lighter gel or some water in your hand. GL!
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BRHG has a bit more hold than the Abba, and I find that it's better for definition and curl enhancement. However, Abba adds a bit of volume and is better for clumping.

It sounds like you might be using too much BRHG? Depending on the length and thickness of your hair. It's really concentrated so you don't need a lot of it. I use about three dime-sized blobs for my BSL hair.
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I can only use the BRHG for hold on top of a lighter hold gel and it works great that way; I only need a dab. I love the Abba WG, too; I get terrific volume with that one. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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Thanks for the help, guys . I didn't think I was using too much, but I'll just try a smidge tomorrow. I also tried it over CC which I've loved all winter, but maybe I'll take your advice and try it over another gel instead of a cream type styler. Tomorrow I'll use my lustrasilk (good clumping, aloe,says extra hold, but medium hold to me), and just put a dab of brhg over it....I also just saw a thread about plopping problems-I may need to reconsider plopping since my hair is getting longer, but it's hard to get dressed, etc. with wet hair flailing about ....

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