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Default Tips for less volume

Now that the weather is getting more humid, I'm struggling with the volume of my hair. I get very little volume at the roots and a ton at the ends. I think part of the problem is my cut, which is a slightly longer than chin length bob that's a little shorter in the back. But I also had this problem when my hair was longer and I had a very different cut.

Anyway, I'd love tips in terms of products, cuts, and application techniques in order to reduce the volume at my ends.

Just FYI, my current routine is: wash with Trader Joe's clear shampoo every other day, use Nature's Gate Aloe conditioner every day, apply Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-In, Re-Coil, and clear gel (usually the Tresseme gel for curls, sometimes the Pantene gel for curls) while soaking wet. Scrunch with microfiber towel, don't touch until dry, then scrunch out the crunch.

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You might want to skip the re:coil and/or the scrunching. Another thing to try might be a different gel for styling. They vary widely on the volume front. Is your current problem that you are getting small, skinny clumps?
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My hair has the potential to get HUGE. I have been using curl keeper with a bit of re:coil after that and some IC Fantasia Sparklite gel and that keeps my hair very flat all day. It even allows me to have 2nd day hair, which I have never really been able to get. I do not live in a very humid climate though, so I'm not sure how it would work somewhere humid.
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Scrunch while wet for curl definition, but buy some clips and clip the ends of your curls individually so the weight of the clips pulls the curl down a bit, then let it dry like that. Then unclip and gently scrunch to get out the crunch. That might help a bit with your volume problem since the clips will help your hair dry in a more north-south direction than an east-west.
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