Fluffing hair without causing frizz?

I prefer fluffy curls, but I can't seem to get them that way without causing frizz too. How can I blend the curls and get volume without causing frizz? If I don't finger comb my hair or something it will just be so flat to my head and I do not like that.
When it's dry, you could flip upside down and gently rub your fingers around on your scalp. This should help lift your hair up and give you some volume. You could also scrunch it a little bit when you're upside down so then you won't have your hands on the canopy causing more frizz. This helps me with volume. I don't do it until I'm completely dry, though, or it breaks up my curl.
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That's what I do as well. I try not to look at my hair while it's in it's drying state b/c then I'm tempted to fix it. Once it's all producted up, I don't do any fixing until it's completely dry, or else I end up causing a lot of frizz.
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agreed, don't touch it while it's drying, for sure.

once dry, slide your fingers into your hair at root level (i usually do it from around the temples, and then up toward the top of my head) and then just lift them up and out about an inch or so, then shake back and forth a few times - either with your head upside down or not. this gives me volume and blends the underneath with the crown.

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Maybe Ouidad's style guide can help:

There's a model applying clips at the top for lift. Which reminds me that I need to get some too for the top of my head.

I also agree with everyone else. Touching your hair before it's completely dry results in frizz.

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Just wanted to add that I fluff up my curls when dry too. I don't flip over but rather just scrunch (I usually need to get some crunch out anyway) and that helps to full things up a bit.
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ITA with everyone else, totally dry hair is key. Then I spray a little Set it Free on my hands, rub them together and "palm"/scrunch it into my hair. Gather hair back into a pony (no raking through, just gently pull hanks of it back together) slip on a loose scunci or hold for a minute, let go and fluff/pat/shake.
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