NEW ORLEANS: recommendation for hairdresser

In post Katrina N'Awlins, many hairdressers have not returned. Mine has not and I have been seeking someone that is right for me, since the hurricane. I am told by another forum user that I can find a hairdresser in my city that specializes in cutting curly hair, by posting in this forum

Because I have 'cowlicks' and hair is radically thinning with age, the best results, FOR ME, have been from a dry cut. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

BACKGROUND INFO: I am not naturally curly. I have always had very thin, limp hair, not straight, but unruly. When I turned 45, my hair began thinning and I gave up curlers and have a perm about every 6-8 months. Tight spirals make my hair look thicker and give it more body.

Any referral will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks from the banana lady
Hi Banana Lady!

Thought I'd bump up your post with a couple of photos from my trip to New Orleans in March. I WANT TO COME BACK!!


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