Great conditioner....terrible smell!!!!!

Sooo I finally found the best condish for CO wash and detangling. Its Morrisons own brand of tea trea for kids, really creamy and slippish, and helps soften and clump my hair. "That's great!" I hear you cry. Alas, no. For the overpowering scent of old fusty bathtowels is what this conditioner smells like! It's just typical. Even DH commented that the bathroom smelt like fusty damp clothes after I had used the stuff. It doesn't smell minty like most tea tree stuff. Every time my hair swings I can smell it. Maybe no one else can, but its so annoying, feeling like you smell dirty!!!!

I think I will write to them.

Liz xx
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...

I don't know Morrisons but I know exactly what you mean by the smell lingering..
I had that when I used brown vinegar, plain, to rinse my hair.
I couldn't get away from the smell, it was smothering me. Although it did dissipate later on but I was not sure... lol
Maybe you could add some scented oils to it. If you add a minty scent, it might freshen up the original yucky smell.
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I know what you mean, I found a fragrence free conditioner that I liked once, but it still used alot of chemicals and smelled like perm or dye or something and I smelled it allll day. The one conditioner that has a smell I love that lingers, my hair hates, go figure.

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