Re-post from color board - I need some help!

So, I colored my hair last Tuesday morning. It takes only abot 15 minutes to develop, so I did it that morning before work. Here's the problem: I can see my grays again. The roots are still the color I want them to be, however, the grays are starting to show again. Damn! I am using a Matrix Socolor (dark blonde #7). I like the way it looks on my hair when it's done, both straight and curly.

Here's the issue, though. I have REALLY been enjoying washing my hair with Suave Coconut, about every 2nd or 3rd day because my hair feels so good after I do. I then use Suave coconut condish to start the co-wash routine. I scrub that in pretty good, rinse, then use Sally's Almond & Honey condish, to increase slip, then finish off with Pantene Frizz control condish (cone-laden, I know but my hair likes it). I am wondering if the shampoo is too harsh, the condish is stripping the color, or if the color itself is sub-par and I need to switch to something else. I'm leery of ordering RC online, or any other brand online, since I can't see it for myself. I used to be able to get the matrix from a friend who has access to Armstrong-McCall, but she won't take me there anymore. Annoying, because a tube of that stuff is only lke $5.50. Lasts me thru 3-4 colors. I'm wondering if anybody buys their color from Sally, and what brands do well with gray coverage. The color is about like Jennifer Aniston's, but a single-process. I don't do highlights since it was ruining my hair.

Any suggestions? I really need a simple way to get this done. Don't want anything really drying now that my unhealthy hair has grown out and is finally photo-worthy for this website!
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try mixing a 50/50 mix of your color with socolor 508 med. natural blonde. The natural will add better grey coverage than the fashion color alone.

try ebay....or

they have socolor
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I really doubt it's your shampoo or conditioner. Grays are just very stubborn. You can always ask at Sally's or can you ask the stylist who cuts your hair what product he/she would recommend to cover grays? If they recommend a professional product, you can find them online without a license like withcurlgirl recommended.
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