Who DOESN'T apply their products upside down?

Does anyone apply their products standing upright? Now that I'm hugely pregnant it's really difficult to bend over. So this morning I put my products in upright and my hair actually looks better! For some reason I can get a more even application that way. Maybe because I can see what I'm doing in the mirror? Then I bent over to plop. I don't have quite as much volume, but I'm not a big hair kinda girl. I lived through the '80s, I've had my share of that look. LOL Plus, I could always use clips while it's drying.

So what do you do?
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Why would you apply them upside down..I've actually never heard of that. I'm guessing it might give more curl/waves for those who need it? More volume?
I do everything right side up
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I don't. I've tried it and it seems to mess with my curl pattern when I flip it back over. I get the same result from washing upside down too.
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I have a lot of hair, even though it's more of a wavy 3a, and I can't get upside down to work. If I comb through conditioner or apply products upside down, my hair can be a wet tangled mess. I wish I could do it because it sounds like it can give more volume at the roots.
I always used to apply upside down, but lately I've been doing right-side-up as well. After washing/conditioning/rinsing I wrap my hair turban-style for 20 minutes or so, then take off the towel, comb right-side up, then comb through leave-in conditioner and a curl cream. Then I scrunch, still right side up, and air dry or diffuse. My top doesn't get too flat if I flip over and ruffle the roots every so often as my hair is drying.
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Upside down tends to NOT work for me either. I just don't think it works on shorter, finer hair. Ok, my hairs not really short, but it's layered and all different lengths, plus fine on top of it all. Thicker and or longer seems to be who benefit from hanging their heads!! *shrug*
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I wash and condition right side up. I also initially apply product right side up. I like to finger set some of my curls for definition, so I do flip over and get at the under layers with some extra product while I'm upside down.

Mostly I'm a right side upper, though.
My hair isn't short or fine.
I do have to work on the back not getting messy looking though. When I flip up while my hair is still mostly wet, I have to shake my head and then feel round back there to make sure my hair isn't going funky. Usually a spot in the back resists gravity if I don't check it. It sticks to the hairs above it.
Generally if my hair is pretty wet just shaking it while right side up will make it fall in place.

I think my layers probably help though, the longest layer on bottom is what will gum up the works.

I have no clue how I'd get the gel all the way through my hair if I don't flip over for part of it. But I don't rinse upside down anymore.
Most people do the upside down for volume at the roots, not everyone wants the volume there though
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I wash/condition right side up, but apply styler upside down first (it totally eliminates canopy frizz and distributes product better) then finish right side up.
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I wash/condition right side up, but apply styler upside down first (it totally eliminates canopy frizz and distributes product better) then finish right side up.
Originally Posted by Suburbanbushbabe
Really?! See, the complete opposite happens to me. If I do everything upside down I get major canopy frizz. Isn't interesting how all of our hair is different? I guess the key is finding what your hair wants.
~Melanie~ 2B/C depending on my hair's mood
Trying to find a routine my hair likes!
I apply everything right side up. If I hang my head and apply upside down, my hair dries waaaay too big for my taste and I end up with what I like to call "country singer hair."
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I wash and rinse out right side up , but apply products to soaking wet hair upside down usually..sometimes after i apply upside down i will go over on each side and then mabye finish applying again right side up after halfway thru diffusing my hair..i notice by applying my products upside down i dont get any frizzes.
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I've had several attempts at doing things upside down, all of them disastrous. I just end up with a tangled mess that doesn't fall back down into place.
My hair is thick and below shoulder length. If I don't apply most of my product upside down, I don't feel like I'm getting enough product evenly distributed through my hair without combing. I also HAVE to start diffusing upside down or I can't get it dry enough at the roots to support the curls and the style. I alternate doing this with hanging over side to side and right side up and shaking my head back & forth a little bit so the back falls into place before it gets too dry.
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I wash/condition right side up but I put in my leave in/gel upside down and then immediately plop. I've been thinking about doing it right side up because my roots always look odd to me, but, I don't know how I will do that and then plop without flipping my head over and messing my hair up.
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I wash/rinse right side up but put my products in upside down. I also diffuse upside down and with my head to the side. I might try right side up for everything but diffusing because my neck and back ache from bending over soooo much! LOL
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I used to rinse, apply product, and diffuse upside down, but my balance has been off recently so I stopped. I got a lot more volume before, but I really don't want to fall in the tub and break something.
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