why are some curlies not liking p's in their products? are they bad for you like silicones? in the CG book she says we need them. im confused?
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It makes some curlies' hair very dry and rough.
That would be me. My hair feels like straw when I use something with proteins. It turns into this frizzy, knotty ball of mess. :x It's not pretty.
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Proteins are not "bad" but not everyone needs them and some people's hair just doesn't seem to care one way or the other.

Intense protein treatments can be a godsend for damaged hair for some people. If you have damage from chemical treatments, heat styling, etc. a protein treatment weelky/biweekly/monthly/occasionally (depends on the extent of the damage) can strengthen your hair and improve overall condition. It's vital that you do a good deep treatment afterward (protein free). When I was growing off the color treated and regularly blowdried ends off of my hair, I used Sally's generic version of Joico KPak Reconstructor and it was wonderful. Nexxus Emergencee (sp?) is a popular one as well.
If your hair is healthy, chances are an actual protein treatment is unnecessary.

Generally, proteins are hair strengtheners, since hair is mostly protein anyway (that's what keratin is). Each person's hair reacts to protein in products differently. Some people's hair loves protein and it makes it feel/look more nourished and stronger (when accompanied by proper moisturizing). Some people find that it makes their hair feel dry, crunchy, and straw-like. Some people don't really notice one way or the other.

I really believe that many people's hair also reacts differently to different types of protein. Some find that any protein freaks their hair out but many don't have to avoid every type. My hair doesn't like a lot of keratin or wheat protein anymore. I can use products heavy in these ingredients sparingly and be ok, especially with a good leave-in beforehand. I'm ok with products with these proteins low on the list but I don't use them everyday. On the other hand, my hair seems fairly impartial to soy protein or almond protein and loves hydrolyzed silk and silk amino acids. I can use BRHG every day with no protein issues at all.
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