Out of control curls- reaching for the iron

Gah! I know everyone has hair days like this, but this has been going on for WEEKS.

First I was in Austria, with the hardest water I could imagine. Lots of buildup and hard to wash out. Then I get home and it's muggy and humid in Chicago, so my curls poof out and flyaways appear.

I'm tempted to just use the curling iron and be done with it, but I thought maybe the NC gals could suggest some other things I can do to improve my hair routine?

Currently using: normal, drugstore curls CO, gel. 3A/3B, down to middle of back.

And I know that I should probably bite the bullet and buy some of the cone free curls products here but it's so confusing to try to pick any that might work for me, especially if I have to try to justify it to someone else.

Thanks in advance guys!
I have the same hair type/length that you do.

I apply the mousse (Tresemme Flawless Curls) onto my hair while it's dripping wet, scrunch with my hands, and then scrunch with paper towels to get the water out (doing this makes the curls more defined). I've been doing this routine for more than a month now and it works great.

Good luck =]
Maybe you need an ACV or lemon rinse? I would start there before changing products. Maybe a good DT also?

Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel is working for me with the humidity in Wisconsin (close to you).

I usually have to use the curling iron on about 5-6 spots (curls) on my head. My plopping, scrunching and diffusing technique isn't very good and I end up with some crazy shaped curls, that my little curling iron fixes in a jiffy!
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Location - WI
_Amanda_: Thank you! I doubted paper towels for a whle, because it just seems so out there. Does one normally scrunch until it's as dry as it'll get or just until the excess water is out?

2happy: I think a lemon rinse would actually help with the buildup and thank you for the product recommendation, I'll check it out

Oh, one more question? If I decide to touch up my curls with the curling iron (I know it can get addicting; perfect curl, and no mess, pins, pain, or product involved? Ding ding!) is there anything I could do to absolutely minimize the damage? I've never flat ironed or blow-dried it before because I don't like excessively damaging my hair, but would a heat-protecting spray be enough to save my curls?

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