Straightening your hair...

K ladies I like Straightening my hair and for the first few years, its great. I feel so sexy and a new women but after the few hours it goes back to being a wavy and i lose way more hair b/c i touch it and comb it out so much. It becomes a little bit of a pain too even keep it more than a day and it takes two hours to straighten! I sometimes wish i had natural straight hair, its so much more easier to deal with than this!
Curls are a LOT of work, but personally I think it's worth it. Especially for me, to see such a difference from sopping wet drowned rat type hair, to pretty curls after all the products and routine, it's fun Plus, doing my hair curly is way less work than straightening on a regular basis.

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Counting down!:
Shooting my 1st wedding - May 17th
Portfolio Review - May 23rd (wish me LUCK!)
Graduation - June 20th
Move back to MAINE!! - Late July

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I wish my hair was wavy. A lot of people want different hair! That's just how it is. =[
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