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Default Questions for Durahold Gel Users...

Do you just use it over a leave-in? Do you need to use alot of it? I currently use a very small amount the old formula BRHG over either Jessicurl Too Shea as leave-in/RR/CC or Sally's generic potion 9/RR/gen sebastian foam styler, and have been happy with these. I stocked up on the BRHG, but will need something else eventually. Could this be used as a replacement for the BRHG, or is more of a replacement for the main styler & I would need the Biosilk over it? Or do you think it will it do away with both a lesser styler and the BRHG? I started looking for the durahold after reading all of the raves here, couldn't find it, then stumbled upon it accidently, and for the price figured I'd give it a go.
TIA for your input :-)
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Yes I use it over a leave in (Garnier Fructis). I need to use about 2 palmfuls for my hair.
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I like it the Durahold gel, too. But I think a closer sub for BRHG might be the Biotera firm-hold gel, which you can buy at Sally's. It's popular here and is also very reasonably priced, about $6 for 16 oz, IIRC, and there's a really big bottle available, too. It's considered a knock-off of Biolage Gelee, which I've never used. It's much more liquidy than the LA Looks so it's really easy to distribute. There's a big thread on Biotera and BRHG, I believe on the Product Review forum, if you want to read more feedback on it.
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The only two products I've found - and trust me, when I found out BRHG was reformulated, I tried them all! - that come even close to having the same amount of hold as BRHG are:

Beyond the Zone Spiked Up Gel @ Sally Beauty Supply (sorry, I'd link to it but their website is wonky at the moment). This is their knockoff of the BRHG.
Chi Infra Gel (it's made by Farouk, same parent company that makes the Biosilk products)

None of the products mentioned in this thread yet have nearly as much hold. I am currently in love with the Spiked Up stuff. It is an almost identical match to the old BRHG.
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Thanks so much for the replies. When I run out of my BRHG I will definitely look into the Bioterra and Spiked Up Gel! Unfortunately, I think this Durahold may be one I can use under another strong hold product. I tried it today over Too Shea as my leave-in & RR and it was ok, but not nearly as nice as what I've been getting with BRHG-a little dry feeling, and more frizz-the Biosilk has spoiled me, for sure. I will experiment, though, since I have this huge bottle of orange gunk now! In all fairness, I have been sick all week, and I know that definitely effects how hair/skin/etc. is...I suppose it will never stop being a work in progress...the feedback is much appreciated
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If you can find it, Durahold has a sister gel that is called Wet Look and it's a maximum hold gel. I couldn't resist buying a big bottle last weekend (they didn't have the Durahold) and have only used it twice, but I think it's got too much hold for my hair (BRHG did, too). Hubby has been helping me go through my gels and I'm hoping he'll be able to use it .
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