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Default Will the birth control pill change my curl pattern?

I am planning on going on the pill in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if anyone has experienced hair loss or change in curl texture/pattern after going on it. I really am worried that my hair is totally going to change because of all of the hormones going on.

Anyone have any experience with this situation?
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It might change it a little bit. I was more like a 3b before I went on the pill and now I'm a 3a. (It is a little disappointing, and would love to find some bc that will prevent pregnancy just as well, but not mess with my curl pattern!)
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I think my curls loosened slightly while on the pill, but returned to normal once off the pill.
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I've been on the pill since November 06, and I haven't really seen any difference in my curl pattern...but maybe that's because my hair is already mostly 4a with some 3c. I think as long as you eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water you should be okay.
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I was on the pill for 7 years and didn't notice any change on my curls.
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I didn't notice a change either. It probably varies depending on which pill you take though. I just put that because it's cute
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I never noticed a change went I started BC.
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yep mine are now looser when i went on the pill. took years to change though. Im happy my hair is less frizzy and less curly
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