Microfiber towel

How do you care (clean) your microfiber towel? I just got one yesterday. It says machine wash, line dry. Do you line dry yours or can it be put in the dryer? I know you shouldn't use fabric softener, correct?
I have a couple of microfiber towels from Trader Joe's (not for my hair), and when I have washed one of them in the past, I just put it in the machine (cold water, like the rest of my clothes) and then took it out before putting the rest of my clothes in the dryer. Then I hung it up to dry on my stove (the handle in front of the oven), which is where it "lives" anyway. The towel was much cleaner, and it didn't lose any function at all.

Hope that's helpful.
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I wash mine with light clothes and hang them to dry in my laundry room. They are all in brand new shape and I've had them for almost two years.
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I put mine in the dryer, without any fabric softener sheets.
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Dryer, with a Trader Joes lavendar dryer sachet.
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So some of you do put them in the dryer with no fabric softener sheets. I will have to give this some thought. Thanks.

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