New to the forum - hi

I used to use Aussie Mega Design and Hold gel (firm hold) for years and years and let me tell ya I LOVED MY HAIR then last year they "changed the packaging" - really they changed that and the me I was on the phone with Aussie. The new version did not work with my hair and even ended up giving me a rash on my neck.

I have been lost ever since ...
tried ALOT OF THINGS, maybe one day I'll have time to list them all - few worked for a cuople of days some ended up with emergency visits to the Dermatologist ...a run in with this New Wave/Curl product - BIG MISTAKE ooouch I had my scalp bubbling like it was melting off...that was about 1 month ago and I ended up cutting 5 inches off to alleviate the weight on my scalp for it to heal<still recovering>

I have been using baby product (no perfume - hypo products) with no gels and conditioners until I fully heal and actually have follow up this week .

One thing I have learned is most products for curlies at the drug store is garbage!! And most oils are EVIL !!!!!
3B/C ; Suave Coconut Co-wash/LA Looks Gel or KCCC w/ KCKT (during the cooler months); I use Coconut &/or EVOO (Olive Oil) for Deep Conditioning.