For those who cut their own hair.....

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I'm just wondering how you guys do it? I did this a few times, although
I have only seriously whacked my hair once, and it wasn't the greatest but not the worst.
I read somewhere once to flip your hair over and trim straight across the ends, or in a v-shape. I think I have tried both but it's been a while.
I would love to be able to save money and get a haircut when I need it and still have nice looking hair. My Mom taught me how to cut boys/mens hair when I was a teen-that way someday when I got married I could cut my hubby's hair. Well, I do! And my twin boys' hair too!

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I trim my ends. If they look nasty I cut them off, straight across. When I'm getting more than 2 inches off I get it done professionally.
I cut long layers when my hair is straight. I gather it loosely with a hair binder to keep it in check near the top of my head, then grab the length with my hands and trim it bluntly.
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I've been cutting my own for about a year now. It is layered. I brush all the curls out. I cut front to back on top, verticle on the sides & back (yes, the back is difficult) & i usually leave the length alone since I"m trying to grow it out again.
Do it just a teensy tiny bit at a time. Miniscule. A little here, a few days later, a little there. A little meaning ever so teensy. Start using thinning shears every now and then, too. I've had great results with them over the years. I mean awesome.
I trim it here and there as needed. I do like chewy, and I also recommend using good, sharp scissors. :]
When I did it most recently, it was a multi-step process. I trimmed straight across (tiny slant) the bottom when wet. And I trimmed the layers straight across (slightly deeper slant) at the same time. Then when it dried (curly) I started chopping random curls to shape. When I found a thick curl, I divided it in two and cut them at didfferent places where it looked like a new C was starting. I did the random curl chopping over a three day period.

It worked out well.
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I definitely echo the sharp scissors. I forget to mention that you should buy really nice hair shears that fit your hand, keep them sharp and oiled; use them for nothing but your hair.

Just to reiterate, the less you cut each time, the better off you'll be. There's no rush to get it right all at one time. Take a week or two. Then you'll realize that you don't need a "haircut" but rather a few folicles this day and maybe some weight taken out the next week and then some straglers chopped the next week.

You'll soon get to know your hair's "cutting incongruities" just like you've become familiar with your hair's "styling incongruities." I.e., the day to day personality changes your hair takes you thought based on apparently minimally different things you do to your hair.

MOST IMPORTANT: cut only a tiny bit. RESIST THE URGE.
Can't say agree with the cutting straight across. That's always turned out horribly for me, and from what I've heard (elsewhere), others. Cut each curl separatly. If you cut sections with more than one curl formation together, they'll frizz more easily and wanna, you know, mesh together cause they're the same length.

I just asked on here a couple days ago exactly what it says in the CG book, cause I hadn't cut my hair in a couple months and wanted to make sure I got it right again. Here's what they said.

Lorraine says to look at the natural curl as an "S" shape - two C's reversed and sitting on top of each other. Cut individual curls at the beginning of each "C" - then divide thick curls into two and cut one half slightly shorter than the other to lighten the load. Aim for seamless layers that begin no higher than the level of your chin.

Hope this helps.
I trimmed my curls Tuesday night, I think (took as long as the movie Ghost World lasts, lol). And finished the layers last night. Looks goregeous!

Oh, and I don't reccomend waiting too long before your next cut. I waited at least three months, and it got way frizzy.

Good luck!
As spiderlashes pointed out, it's a process that could take days. I cut my own hair all the time back when I was growing out my layers, and I would start by trimming the longest layer while it was wet and then nip off tiny pieces here and there when dry. Over a few days, a cut would evolve.

Also, I loved Ghost World. :P
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I'm not sure how one does this. Maybe I should just leave it to the stylists. Though I sure would like to know how to do it.
I've been cutting my own hair for about 30 years.
I use a cheap little pair of scissors.
I cut it when it's dry and curly. I just cut the ends off of each clump/curl.
I like my hair layered so I cut it at various lengths. Nothing is ever really even. Doesn't make much difference because I never wear my hair straight.
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jeepcurlygirl, I LOVE your silver hair. You are gorgeous!
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Thank you , fuzzym!!
In Western PA
Found NC in 2004. CG since 2-05, going grey since 9-05. 3B with some 3A.
Hair texture-medium/fine, porosity-normal except for the ends which are porous, elasticity-normal.
Suave & VO5 cond, LA Looks Sport Gel, oils, honey, vinegar. password jeepy **updated March 2015**

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