quick questions- what did she mean???

I'm a little confused as to what a stylist meant when she asked: "Do you want a clip, set and dry" or "do you want us tight curl your hair"???

I'm visiting a salon for the first time; they say that they're deva trained and they use the deva products, clips and whatnot. At Devachan after a coloring, they would wash my hair, clip the roots, wrap it in saran wrap and have me sit under a dryer for 30 minutes or so. After that- my hair would great and bouncy- loved it!

I made an appointment for a deep-conditioning treatment at the new place (Tomorrow morning) and figured that they would do the same as Devachan does. BUt then when she asked me that questions- i didn't know what to say- am i missing something??!!
Why don't you just ask what they mean?
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I did ask... she said it was a way of creating tighter curls. I then told her i had tight curls and that i've never had anything done to it....

I'll ask her more in detail tomorrow, i just didn't know if there was a technique i've never heard of!

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