2nd day hair. HOW?

Does anyone work out in the morning? How do you deal with 2nd day hair with workouts?
Indian girl with full head of very thick curls (3A, 3B and 3C)
CG Routine, protein sensitive

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I have finally figured out how to get great 2nd day hair, but I think as with all things curly, it's up to your hair to decide to cooperate.

Day 1 I scrunch in a bit of GF Curl and Shine, followed by HE BE gel. As long as I let it air dry enough, I'm good to go

Day 2, I do shower, but my hair is short enough to keep it dry. Usually I can tell right away when I get up if it is a salvageable day, a great day, or a don't-even-bother day. I scrunch in a tiny amount of water, and sometimes spray in some SMU, but that's about it.

Day 3, rarely can I pull it off, but I did the other day, and was really excited about it. Same routine as day 2.

Oh, I've got shoulder-length 3b ringlets, and tend to sleep on my stomach, which inadvertantly doesn't smash the curls.

When I work out, I am usually drenched in sweat and usually wear a baseball cap, so there's no question but to wash. (Which is one reason I rarely make it to day 3)

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