What's the latest on Activate hair stuff?

Are they upping their prices or not? On their site, stuff is still 6.99 and I saw at Ulta today a couple things were like 3.49 (might go back and get it, only reason I didn't is because I didn't want to get hooked on something that was real expensive!)
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Hmmm, I wonder if they came to their senses and resumed regular pricing after they tried that $20 thing. I am positive for a while on their site the price increase was in place.
I know their site had the new pricing too...I had not checked in awhile and now it seems it's 6.99 again...maybe you are right jlpmom23!
pw: curls
Cowash - No Poo, Suave Coconut
Conditioner - One Condition
Leave In - KCKT
Gel - KCCC at the moment
If Walgreen's & Rite Aid carry this still & no matter if the bottle is shaped stupidly , I'm buying a bottle of the shampoo because I think, if I remember correctly, it was gentle, yet not heavy.

ETA: Score!
I bought Activate CO for the first time a few months ago just because everyone was freaking out about the impending price hike. I really like this for CO washing. It's also the only drugstore type CO I've used whose scent I like.

I was in the shower using Activate the other day, and I thought, I'm going to ask on NC if the price hike has happened yet. Then I saw Hockeymom's post!

Maybe they got the message that people wouldn't spend $20 on their products and decided to hold down the price? Or maybe they started a rumor of price hikes so that we would all rush out and stock up?! I will buy another bottle, in the meantime. I don't use it all the time, but I really like it when I do use it.
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