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Default first time curler

hi everyone
a year ago i didn't even know i've had curly hair, beacuse i've always trimmed my hair short...
now I think I'm a 3a to 3b, more 3b, thin cork screw curls
and the problem is i don't like my curls anymore
I have well defined curls on the sides, and in the back, but it gets frizzy and split on top, and it ruins the whole look
i don't use shampoos or conditioners, only oil which I rub in when the hair is wet and leave it to dry
i've seen in the hair types topic that I should be using some pomade to stop the frizz
what type? what product?
help, or it'll have to go
i actully think it looked better when it was shorter
now it's about 17 cm (6.7") long

thank you in advance
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Default Re: first time curler

Originally Posted by curly_man
i've seen in the hair types topic that I should be using some pomade to stop the frizz
what type? what product?
i've been wondering whats a pomade? sorry for my many stupid questions...
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curly_man - have you ever tried just using conditioner to wash and condition with? That's what lots of us here do and my hubby has done it for years - way before I ever found this site, although he doesn't have curly hair. I would seriously give that a try.

curlquest - pomades are finishers that usually contain alot of waxy stuff or petroleum. Some curlies use it just to smooth over their hair to calm any frizzies, but it's not widely used amongst most curlies. They're not usually CG friendly.
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What kind of oil do you use? Too much oil can cause frizz for a lot of people.
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