why do stylists always want to color my grey away?! rop

I know it is there job, really I do. Since I am now a Jessicurl convert, I got a trim to make my new hair official. Two stylist were trying so hard to color my hair. Now, I like my greys. I have dark brown hair and am turning grey mostly the right side of my head. How rad is that? Anyone else fight off the colorists? I don't know, it just seems like a lot of work and upkeep. Essentially, I am a lazy curly girl
2B, and trying to work it.
oops, I misspelled "there". It should be "their". Sorry, can't help it - English teacher
2B, and trying to work it.
I'm not gray yet but I'm all for natural color. As far as the stylists - It's their job, and more money for them. Plus they own you since you'd have to get your roots touched up way more often than you'd need haircuts. $$$
Stay strong - gray is beautiful!

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I agree -- I think a lot of the pressure to color the grays is financial - they will earn more $$$ if you "buy" into the idea that gray hair should be hidden. I'm with you, though - I don't want to invest the time and $ into a process that tends to ruin the health of my hair and that I'd have to repeat over and over and over.... Hey - IMO gray hairs are God's highlights - how can they be wrong??!!!
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It's annoying to be pushed to color our hair, but I 'just say no' to color. I love my grey hair.
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II have been coloring my hair for years to cover the gray, but I really wish I had never started.
My hair is now the longest its ever been so I keep coloring it. Its a viscious cycle.

If I ever get my hair cut short, I will definately grow out the color.
Don't start - It's really hard to stop.
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