ideas for wedding hair

I need some ideas for wedding hairstyles. I'm not sure if I should go with it down, half up half down or up. Let me know what you think and if you find any pics of hairstyles, let me know. Thanks! God Bless
Love you, FRO
Is this your wedding?

Are you in the wedding party?

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Congratulations. One of my cousins(actually my second cousin) is one of the few curlies in our family and she had a pretty style for her wedding it was an updo that accentuated her curls.
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This is similar to the hairstyle, except the back was a tad different.
Congratulations! I just got a newsletter from Ouidad. It had some really pretty fancy hair styles. you may want to check out that website.hth
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There are a couple of pretty hair ideas here... also, check out the book, Strictly Curls. Many ideas, if you want a preview of some of those styles take a look at redcelticcurls fotki. She has pictures of her hair in some of the styles from the book. Very pretty.

Congrats, when is the wedding?
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Thanks everyone! The wedding is actually on my birthday, April 20, 2008. I'm so excited.
Love you, FRO
8 days before my bday! You'll have to post pics after. We love pics.
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Calista Flockhart's hair for her character's wedding on Brothers and Sisters was really really pretty. Might check out that. It aired this past Sunday.
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