Deva trim today

Had my deva trim today. I told her I needed some shorter layers on top and she agreed that they were way too long. I'm so happy with it. After she washed and styled it, she usually cuts a few more curls and I asked her to cut shorter ones on top. And she did. Tomorrow, I'll style my own way and see how it is but i can tell, it's way better now. DH even noticed when I got home. He said I had so much volume up top now. That made me happy.
I love my stylist!! I always bring my own styling product and told her I can't use any gel in this cold winter weather and she asked what I was using and I popped out my boots cream and she read it and found it very interesting. She liked the ingredients. She also commented on how soft and healthy my hair is now. Time before last, she told me my hair was very dry.

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That's great news! I'm glad you just needed a little trim and some shorter layers. It's also good to hear your hair is in better shape too. That's always nice to hear.

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omg what a tease no pics?! lol I'm glad you're loving your hair. I was just thinking I need more layers on top, it's getting a bit flat. I wish someone was near me who gave a great cut, you lucky duck!
Low porosity, medium texture.

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