Are there headbands esp. for thick hair?

I've been searching the boards tonight, but so far no luck with the following:

I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a Renaissance themed wedding later this year. One of the options for my hair is to have a headband made kind of like this (but minus the veil).

The problem is that headbands are always too tight because my hair is so thick (3b). If I force the headband on, (1) I end up with a headache and (2) my hair ends up sticking out the sides of my head. It won't fall down nicely.

So are there any headbands out there that have a little more clearance room? I told the seamstress I'd buy the headband and she could cover it with the fabric.

Any other ideas are also welcome. Thanks!
If it were me, I'd ask to get the fabric fitted for my head and just wear it like that. I don't like wearing hard headbands.
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