Did your hair go curly at puberty?

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I was born with a head full of hair that produced spirals when it gained a little length. Around 3 it went straight and the wave/curl started coming back somewhere between 12 and 15. It was the 80's and I was getting perms at that point so it is hard to say exactly when. The last one I got was a body wave and I remember telling the fabulous man who was doing my hair that the perms had been hanging around for months and months. Normally they only lasted 3. He laughed and said, "Baby, this is natural not boxed". It slowly came back in from there.

I read an interesting article on this not too long ago. It claimed it is actually very rare for a persona hair to go from curly, to straight, and back to curly. Even though they have the curly genes isolated, they can't figure out why this happens though it is more common around puberty. Chemical changes in the body and all that. They interviewed one woman who goes through a hair change cycle every 5-10 years. Her hair will be straight, wave will come in, she gets curl, it goes back to wave and then ends up stick straight. Rinse and repeat. That would have to be pain. You would never know exactly what to do with your hair. She said she starts to see the changes and thinks, "Oh God, here we go again".
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As a baby, I had NO hair... my mom dressed me exclusively in pink until I was about three. I had a bit of wave to my hair as a kid... possibly not even 2a, but chunks of flip with a mind of their own. Mom strong-armed me into a spiral perm when I was about ten, and we used to joke that it just never grew out.
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