Humidity Question...

Probably should post this on the product board... but it's more of a request...

I live in North Alabama where the weather is about to be 5000% humidity for the duration of summer... which here lasts until Christmas. ( No kidding... we wear shorts here for Thanksgiving... )

Is there any product you've found that will keep curls bouncy and frizz-free in high humidity(read:sweaty!) conditions that won't be so much that it weighs down all 500 of the hairs on my head?

I'm really trying to go as CG as I can...

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don't even HAVE a "routine" at the moment...
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I'm not sure. I live in NC and we have humidity too. I think I read that glycerin was good for it. I got the Jane Carter Solutions Condition and Shine today, it says it's good for it...we'll see.
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CK is the one!!

as of 6/17/10 - I have to add Joico!

Pics at:

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I'm in Atlanta so I totally understand! Last summer I tried just pure aloe gel to get out the frizz. As I recall it worked pretty well. It wasn't too heavy and for second/third day hair I would just mix it with some water and spritz it on.

Aveda has an Aloe/Flax Seed gel that I'm going to try out this summer and see how it stands up.
I live in Canada and I know you won't believe me that it gets very humid in the summer but it does, does, does!!! I use Curl Keeper. Also just returned from Turks & Caicos and CK did just fine! I've got pic on my fotki. Some people use gel over it in the winter. By the way if you do the Scavenger thing on this site you can get 15% off the price at Curlmart. I tried curl keeper's sample kit first to see if I liked it. Good luck!
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