So yesteday at the salon...henna story

I got my curly cut as usual yesterday, and I had just hennaed my hair on Friday. All the stylists though it was my natural color (I am natural red head, just not that fiery & dark), which was flattering, but I fessed up and explained that it was henna. At that they got out their little color swatches and tried to match it - they couldn't! It made me smile.

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I'm glad this is a good story! I was afraid you were going to say they lectured you about it having lead in it and melting hair or something.
How do you do your henna? My hair tends towards dark red (it's brown) and I was thinking of trying hennaing, but I am afraid I will look like a stoplight for months and have to chop it off :P
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You can start small by adding a small amount of dye released henna (a spoonful or two) in a large amount of conditioner, and wearing that on your hair for a shorter time (an hour or so). Strand test first though, it should be considered very permanent. And wait a few days to decide on the final color of your strand test, there is an oxidation process where it goes from being flourescent to not so flourescent, and it takes several days.

I'm a stoplight, lol, because I soak my hair in as much full strength henna as I possibly can, but by doing the above you can deposit the color much more dilutely and slowly.
Nope, no lectures. They guy that owns the salon did proceed to grab my hand and check to see if I had stained myself.
I responded by informing him that I know what gloves are...

I love henna, and it is practically orange the first day, but then it goes to a nice auburn on me. So I really like it. I second the strand test, it is really the only way to know what henna will look like on your hair.
What kind of henna do you use?

I use Light Mountain "Color the Gray." They have lots of shades to choose from. I love it because it's all natural and it's cheap!
I am kinda semantical about these things. Henna is only orangeish brownish red. That's it. Anything that comes in different colors is not entirely henna, if it is indeed any henna at all.
Aw, you must have felt so proud!!! good job!
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Nope, no lectures. They guy that owns the salon did proceed to grab my hand and check to see if I had stained myself.
I responded by informing him that I know what gloves are...
Originally Posted by jojob
LOL this totally cracked me up!
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More about Light Mountain henna:

"Both our regular, original Light Mountain NATURAL Hair Color & Conditioner color range and our Color the Gray! product line for covering gray hair rely solely on blends of premium grade henna with other suitable botanicals. We use no other ingredients to create our rich, natural colors."

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