I'm sorta with you on this. I have read a LOT of conflicting info on here. I've read that cones are evil, then that some are fine. I read that the very cone this thread was started on chokes your hair, then that it evaporates, then that it's not water soluable, then that it is... I have no clue. I read that A-cone is not water soluable and needs cleaners for removal, and then I also read that it's "the best" cone for your hair.

Trial and error is your only real method, it seems. I read that article, but it doesn't really seem to cover things quite as directly as maybe it could. I wish we had an article/chart that had all the cones listed with all their alternative names, whether the were water soluable or not, or evaporate, and what potential problems and benefits may be of each cone.

It's very confusing, very conflicting... seems to sort of discredit CG, when clearly CG is not totally without merit.