How does your hair respond to oils?

I'm noticing products with alot of oils seem to weigh my hair down and/or make it stringier. I have a couple questions about them generally, but I really just want to hear thoughts and experiences about using oils.

1. Are they really beneficial to hair? The Kinky-Curly website talks about them coating, but not moisturizing.

2. Does some hair tolerate or need them more than others?

3. Are they good for DTs? I got some of the Hamadi hair repair that is all oils and I'm curious about how that might help/strengthen my hair versus something like JC WDT or another conditioner.

Any other thoughts are appreciated. I'm not totally sure what to ask, just curious what I might not know about oil...

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my hair loves small amounts of apricot kernel oil and its own scalp oil. my best hair days are when I washed my hair with conditioner a day or two ago and my hair has nothing in it except for a very thin layer of oil (scalp oil near the roots, and apricot kernel oil near the tips) - that is when my hair looks the shiniest and feels the healthiest.

I think oil is definitely beneficial to your hair - reduces frizz, adds some smoothness and protection against mechanical damage, but without being hard to wash out like silicone.

distributing it is difficult part. I have to add oil to 100% dry hair otherwise it is hard for me to tell which parts need it, and easy to overdo it. I have to add only a drop or two at a time and then see if needs more.

I haven't had much luck with other oils besides apricot kernel oil ... tried coconut oil which makes my hair too dark, and jojoba oil makes my hair stringy. I am always on the lookout for new ones to try though.

I would have a hard time believing that oils are "coating but not moisturizing." My hair and skin absorbs oil quite happily and feels more moisturized.
I have to use very little of the oils or they make for flat greasy-looking hair. And that's with liquid oils, like jojoba.

The solid oils, like coconut, are too heavy for my hair, even when liquefied between my palms.

Distribution is difficult with either type of oil. ETA: I have since learned they spread rather easily when the hair is damp or wet & using oil at that time seals in moisture.

But when oils are already in conditioner, my hair does fine.

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My hair loves oils although it is very easy to overdo them. I tend to prefer the solid oils -- shea butter or coconut butter -- to the liquid oils. Usually I only put a tiny bit of the butter on my hands and scrunch on the ends only.

Occasionally I will do an oil rinse with a olive oil/jojoba mix but I do that on a weekend and let my hair air dry. If my hair is dripping wet and I rake some oil through it, I find it distributes better. I comb with a wide-tooth comb. Towel and air dry. I follow the next morning with an ACV rinse. I wouldn't do an oil rinse on a day when I need to have my hair look great. Typically, I will cover my hair after the oil rinse with a scarf and just bum around the house cleaning or do gardening work with a broadbrimmed hat on. i
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My hair likes the oils, but as pigreyhound said it's easy to over do them. Last night I used coconut oil as a DT and rinsed out this morning with a cowash. Don't know what will happen this summer, my hair liked the "heavier" (with oils) products this winter. I also use a little jojoba oil to scrunch--just a drop of two.
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My hair love oils too, but I should be careful with how much I put it on them. Coconut is a little bit too heavy if I try to use it every day on the roots - they look unhealthy. But once or twice a week is good. Also, when my hair have bad day I rub a little bit on my hands, than press in hair. After that they look healthy&shiny. My favourite oil is castor oil. Sometimes I put it on my hair for all night long and next day, after shampooning I've got beautiful, shiny curls. Oh, Dabur Amla - this is awesome! And give awesome effect! I give my scalp a massage with it, then put cap on my head and go to sleep. Next day after shampooning my hair are awesome! But Dabur Amla can be use only 3 times a week!

I didn't test anything else, but now I've got 3/4 bottle of coconut and full of dabur amla plus little battle of castor oil so...I'm gonna test in the future.
interesting....I will try the castor oil too. I have some of that for my face but for some reason I haven't tried it on my hair yet!
interesting....I will try the castor oil too. I have some of that for my face but for some reason I haven't tried it on my hair yet!
Originally Posted by tmmycat
Be careful if you're blond one because castor oil can make hair a little bit darker. In Poland castor oil is known of him grow-faster and shiny abilities: Sorry for my terrible english
full CG routine works for my hair!

Sorry for my mistakes in english! This is not my main language. I'm still learning!
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interesting....I will try the castor oil too. I have some of that for my face but for some reason I haven't tried it on my hair yet!
Originally Posted by tmmycat
Be careful if you're blond one because castor oil can make hair a little bit darker. In Poland castor oil is known of him grow-faster and shiny abilities: Sorry for my terrible english
Originally Posted by tulipan
I understand your icecream...I mean English very well.

Thanks for all of the responses. I have used coconut oil overnight with great results, but I find I need to poo to get it all out (I have saturated my hair). I haven't tried any of the others.

I was also thinking about the conditioners that are heavy on oils. Specifically, I tried both the AO Island Natural and White Camelia recently. They felt so oily in my hair, like I couldn't rinse them (not seaweedy, but oily) and my hair was kind of limp and frizzy when it dried. When I first joined nc and posted about my experiences of losing my curl with Jessicurl, someone mentioned the oils might have been too much. So I got to wondering...

Thanks again. Back to the science lab...must keep better notes!
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yes...sounds like those conditioners have too much oil. I also tried the white camellia conditioner a while ago and it had too much oil for me.

I have better luck if I use a very lightweight, non-oily conditioner to wash my hair (for example, Whole Foods 365) ... and then add oil manually to my hair either mixed with the same conditioner in the shower, or adding a few drops directly to dry hair... that makes it easier for me to control the amount.
I love love love olive oil. If I notice some flaking in my scalp, I'll mix a couple drops of tea tree oil and thoroughly massage my scalp. I'll let it soak overnight, or even through a workout. And then shower. For some reason, the olive oil feel very moisturizing without being too heavy. But I'm sure it all depends on your hair and each oil will be different. I really want to try the apricot kernel oil. Can someone let me know a good place to get it?
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Great thread! So far I've tried Almond oil which worked well, but hated the smell in my hair. Coconut is great and the smell doesn't linger, although I do like the smell anyway...Lots of different oils mixed into a product is a mess for me...

Anyone else??
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I have a goofy ritual that I do, and I never really planned for it to be a ritual, but it has become one.

When I get home from work, I put my hair up on the top of my head with a scrunchie -- I look like Pebbles of Flintstone fame. But before I put it up, I pour about a quarter-size of coconut or avocado oil in my hands, rub it to warm it up, and smooth it into my hair, concentrating on the bottom half more than roots. I scrunch a little, too, just to make sure it gets into all those nooks and crannies of my hair.

I sleep with it like that. It isn't pretty when I wake up in the morning but it's out of my face (which is liberating) and it's softer.

I don't use more than that amount, though, or conditioner only won't be enough to remove it.

Sometimes I will use shea butter instead. Depends on my mood and how dry my hair looks that day. Shea butter is the heaviest of my options.
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Butters make my hair frizz even in a " light" lotion or conditioner. I find that olive oil treatments are good for curls every couple weeks. A little coconut, jojoba or broccoli seed oil seems to be okay because they are very light and help a little with styling but I don't use them every day.
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