Worst stylist? or being too picky

So my sister went to get her hair colored at a new salon today. When she sat in the chair the girl said that the highlights were 100 and the conditioning treatment was 20. She said that this was the first time that any stylist had ever told her the prices. I said yeah prob because she wanted to make sure that you could afford her. I just thought it was very snobby for a stylist to say this. The receptionist could have told her the prices on the phone when she made the appt. plus to top off the girl talked her into getting a hair cut and said she knew how to cut curly hair- so my sister let her, she came home with a bad hair cut that had a big step in it, kinda mullet style. I was so pissed I told my sister that we ad to go back right that minute and have her fix it. she called and we went back later tonigt and she was giving all these excusses and she tried to fix it. She then pulled out a thinning razor and started razoring her hair. By the time I saw it was a razor, she had finished the side of my sisters hair that i could not see. So when i told her to stop and asked her why she was using a razor and that she was not supposed to, she said oh well i would not use a razor on your type of hair (mine is 3b/3c) but your sisters curls can handle it(3a). I told my sister not to let her use them but she was half way done and my sister let her finish. So she finished her hair and after it dried there was still a big step in her layers. i pointed this out to her and she said that is how layers look, I think they look good. So then the stylist said well this is not how she would wear her hair ( the hair was forward around her face). So everytime the stylist pulled her hair off her face and said this is how she would wear it, it just fell forward again. So I told her yeah she doesn't wear her hair like that, then why does it keep going back like that? She said I am not going to argue with you but i think the hair looks good. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH So what do we do now? I am pissed at the whole situation- I know I will never let my sister go back there, but should I call and complain to the manager? Plus this salon has great reviews not on here but on other websites for thier hair color, so should i leave a bad review online? I know you peeps will know what to do. thanks for letting me rant
I would be soooooooooo POed! I hate hate hate the razor, I think it should be banned! While they are slicing they are taking off a good deal of cuticle. I cringe when I see the thinning shears but those are better than a razor.

You could speak with the manager. The worst thing that could happen is nothing.

Personally I don't like those big "in" salons. In the ones I have been to felt like we customers were treated more like cattle. Getting herded to the sink area......then to the colorist area....then the cutting area......then the styling area. Maybe I have been just much luckier with the small salons where they seem to listen to me.
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That sounds bad to me also.

And I agree with ZigaZaga, I have gotten better service and haircuts at small independent places.

You already have ideas about how to pursue this as far as justice wise, but what about the most important thing, fixing her hair?
Thanks for the support gals. I am making my sister go to our original stylist where we get cuts (his colorists SUCK!) to get it fixed. I found him through here and he is great. My sister just went there to get her hair colored and agreed to her hair cut because it was pretty damaged the girl talked her into it saying all this stuff about curly hair tecniques. My sisters hair was past her bra strap when dried curly, now at least 5 inches of dry length are gone. And you know how slow curly hair can grow. My sister is kinda a novice and thougt she could trust her because she had the right kinda talk. (I thought i taught her better, but then I let her go back what was i thinking?) So from what i have learned from this- just becasue a stylist says they know how to cut curly hair does not mean they do. Always ask them to explain in detail all the steps of your cut- if they say texturize or thin or debulk RUN - and always get a consultation first and not on the same day as your cut. I am going to call the manager and get my sister a refund, and no there will not be another try to fix it. I also think that stylist need to know when you are unhappy, because if you don't just come back they will keep doing the same old things and their will be more victims. Us curlies need to stand up to stylist when we know they are doing something something wrong. Yes, it is only hair and it will grow back, but when it is part of your identity really blows. Everyone can have straight hair, but us that have our natural curls we know how special it is to us, and how much effort it takes to finally embrace it. I hope this experience helps someone else, and don't feel guilty about telling them to stop.

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