tip from a stylist who does model shoots

I was in the elevator chatting with someone who turned out to be a stylist who does model shoots. I moaned about my horrible frizz, I was embarrassed but he was very nice and took time to give me a suggestion. He said that often on the shoots the stylists scrunch the curly hair models but then when the hair is almost dry they use an electric curling brush, not an iron, on a low setting to make the hair around the face more like soft waves. They leave the rest of the hair curly, even frizzy.

He emphasized that it is only the hair close to the face where they use the curling brush not the rest of the hair and he said it won't work if the hair has had a lot of stiff product in it. No hairspray or anything like that. He said it gives a soft look. He said any electric curling brush like Conair or Revlon works. Nothing special.

I'm going to try that tomorrow. Any thoughts - does anyone do this?
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No --- I've never heard of a curling brush.
Aaaaahhhh! I thought this torture device died with the 70s! I already have a pathological fear of round brushes, don't make it plug in to the wall and get hot too!

Can't sleep, curling brushes will eat me...
Hi - I'm not sure where to find it - maybe it did die in the 70s. The stylist said its available in most drugstores but maybe he's wrong. He said they keep it on low. I can't imagine it's worse than a flat iron but I've never used one of those. Sigh.... the search for the great hair method continues....
I had completely forgotten about those curling brushes until I read this thread! Those things are the devil, IMO. I tried to use one long, long ago in junior high, and my hair always tangled up in the brush (I'd let go, and the brush would dangle from my hair). I'd end up in tears trying to get my hair out.

I wouldn't recommend one of these, but that's just from my own bad experience with them. They're evil, I tell you!
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Interesting! I sure don't want to tear my hair out - it's thin to begin with. The worst for my hair is velcro rollers. I banished those after one snarly attempt. Curse 'em!
Yep, I agree with the other ladies...that curling "brush" is horrible! Honestly in order for me to get it to work right I had to brush the section of hair first in order to get the curling brush to work (and in order to not get the brush snarled in my hair). hahaha

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well, I guess that clinches it. No curling brush for me. I guess the models have to put up with whatever torture is applied to their hair! Thanks all.
well, I guess that clinches it. No curling brush for me. I guess the models have to put up with whatever torture is applied to their hair! Thanks all.
Originally Posted by curlypearl
Truth. In all honesty, a stylist of model photo shoots is one of the last people I'd want hair advice from. Consider the job. The idea is to get ideal looking hair for that single, perfect millisecond. Long term hair health is simply not part of the equation. If the girl's hair breaks off the minute she walks off the set, doesn't matter as long as they got the shot.

As Tyra says, they have to get "fried, dyed and laid to the side."
I remember finding one of these when I was 8 in my sister's bathroom and then getting it stuck in my hair. It had to be ripped out.

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