After relaxer how does one style hair?? Help?

I am in a panic mode. I haven't had a relaxer since 1993-94 sometime ago and then I did the unthinkable and had one 2 weeks ago. From unruly, frizzy, curly, thick to damaged, thick and a little wavy hair. I have no idea how to style it. It won't go curly after I put moose in it and then air dry. If I blow dry it I think it looks horrible. Too dry!!
I did complete a treatment today which made a huge difference. Curl junkie rehab oil for damaged/dry hair (horrible smell, couldn't wait to wash it out), then Jessicurl too shea extra moisturizing...2times. That seemed to be a good choice. Hair is very frizz and that is a first.
However, how do I style?

I cut it before the relaxer, again after the relaxer and now have another appt for tomorrow to cut those straight ends. I have some curl underneath...I was hoping was I cut some more inches I could use moose and then air dry. But I am not sure.
What should I do?
HI.i dont know that i can help much, but after my relaxer(dec)all i could do is flat iron every day.the relaxer made it impossible to wear curly.i am now 8 months into growing, cutting the darn thing out, and am able to kind of wear it curly. just keep up the moisture and mabie it will work.i used aphogge treatment(protein )and it did wonders for my damage. it sounds like yours worked better than mine because i went from frizzy curly hair to just plain frizzy hair, no curl, yuck!!! good luck
thanks for the kind words. I am very nervous to go to the salon today...i am still unsure if I should cut more length off, or wait and do it in a few months. In the past I have cut 3 inches no big deal, but this time my current length is where I would leave the salon with. I don't think I could manange chin length hair???
I stayed up all night reading and researching and found that people suggested to rollar set the hair when relaxed and to wash only 1x, don't put heat (flat iron) and to condition, condition, condition.
Not only am I dealing with this nightmare relaxer, but a horrible hair cut. It's very uneven in the back, that is where it's more damaged the top layer of my hair in the back and sides by the face.
So should I cut to chin length or hold off until....and wait until it grows and then cut the 3 inches. If I cut now does that prevent additional breakage? I hate going to the salon, people just don't understand curly hair. I haven't found a good stylist.
i dont know if cutting 3 inches will cut the damage out but it sure wont hurt. after every cut my hair looked better. i went from below shoulder length to chin length(just had a cut wed 2 more inches)and i actually think i may keep the chin length. i had plans to keep cutting more and more of the relaxer out and then start growing it back out, but i actually love it this length.very sassy!!!
i tried the roller set and it didnt work for me but many love it so it wont hurt to try. i also use alot of oils on my hair and that seems to really help also.
i think(crossing fingers) i found a stylist finally who can cut curly hair. this would be my first time so i understand where you are coming from there. very frustrating to have stylists who do not know how to work with curls. that is the reason i relaxed my hair to begin with. a bad cut after bad cut!! sam
It seems like your hair just has a looser wave than before. Concentrate on moisturizing your hair. If Jessicurl Too Shea works for you, keep using it. Your hair is drier because it was dry before the relaxer. Get your hair healthy again and you should have no problem growing out the relaxer. Also, a lot of hairstylists don't know what they're doing. Try to get recommedations. Good luck. It should all turn out well.
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