Whats a good root lifter?

can anyone recommend a cheap and easy accessible good root lifter for 3b hair? I heard Garnier....but anything else or votes for it?
I like Alagio Curl Enhancer personally. Also, I use clips a lot to lift roots. When I'm done diffusing I clip the roots up a bit and let it finish drying naturally. Works nice.

Las Vegas, baby! 3A with some waves underneath in back.

Products: VO5 Kiwi Lime or Vanilla Mint clarifying for CO-wash 2-3x/wk, Aloe 80 condish, honey rinse, Alagio Crazy Curls for definition underneath BRHG
And then: Scrunch, then plop with microfiber towel x 10-15 min, then air dry or diffuse
Hair hates: glycerin, cones
Hair loves: Honey, shea butter
Rinsing your hair upside down. My absolute HG for rootlifting!
2c? 3a? Mostly coarse, but LOVIN' the proteins and fighting overconditioning! My hair is just plain weird

LowPOO; Creme of Nature shampoo
CO; L'Oreal Nutrigloss & AOGBP
Other; nettle tea once a week instead of CO, JCRR, JCAS
Stylers; KCCC, L'oreal studio line gel
Don't like; PVP, non-vegetable glycerine

http://pscurly.blogspot.com/ <-- my very own, dutch, blog! Check it out
No particular root lifting product just scrunching and diffusing upside down and clipping the top - regardless of what product(s) I use.
2C/3A/3B - modified CG - fairly fine now, normal/low porosity/normal elasticity

Current Main Rotation: MG217 medicated or Aim2Health 'poos for scalp, Elucence cond., Spiral Solutions Protein & Deeply Decadent Cond., CJCCCC reg or lite,CJ Pattern Pusha,, Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz + lots more, sporadically

HG Method: Super Soaker + Smasters-ing, brief upside down diffusing w/360o diffuser then clips/clamps & air dry. Newly gray - stopped my henna glosses!


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