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Originally Posted by DEL2C View Post
Originally Posted by sarahthewarrior View Post
I think I'm winning so far. Last week I bought:

2 liters (67 oz.) Giovanni TTTT
2 liters (67 oz.) Giovanni Smooth as Silk
1 liter (33.5 oz.) Giovanni 50:50

167.5 ounces!

They were only $12.99 each at T.J. Maxx and came with a pump, so I just couldn't resist trying them for that price. I'm enjoying the Smooth as Silk and 50:50 so far, but I haven't tried the TTTT yet. DH the enabler went back and bought three more bottles after I had bought only two, so I think he should be accountable for those. I've told him I have no more room for conditioners, so I'm forbidden from purchasing more until I've at least made a dent in all these!
I KNEW you were gonna CAVE!! Don't you just love it when the husbands get involved? A few weeks ago Giovanni was on sale buy one get one. I forgot about it and was snowed in, it was the last day of the sale. I made DH stop at RiteAid on his way home!! Of course, he uses it too so I had a leg to stand on. HEEEEE!
Cave I did. When he got home with three more bottles, I asked if he had gotten any of the shampoo for himself (I don't use shampoo at all, but that's all he uses). He said he didn't think his head was worth $12.99--I'm glad he thinks mine is!
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OMG my head is totally worth $12.99 x2!
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Originally Posted by jaimers View Post
OMG my head is totally worth $12.99 x2!
Heck yeah! Curly heads are worth every effective penny.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
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I've spent more money on hair products this past month since starting CG, then i probly did in the past year and a bit...its ridiculous, and i'm a university student so i really can't afford it haha, but yet i'm still buying stuff, i just opened a paypal account so i can order things online....terrible i know haha
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Yes: Protein, ACV, Oils
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