No heat waves for 3b curls.

I would really like to achieve this look for prom...

I've heard that you can use baking soda to temporarily relax curls into waves. I've also heard that the large caruso steam rollers can give a looser curl/wave look...

but i have no idea if either really works

any ideas? minimal damage preferred...

My hair is boob length and 3a/3b (curlier underneath)
3A,3B ish...
what about braiding your hair when it's wet, then taking the braids out when it's dry? No heat damage at all! (I cut my own hair)
Pacific Northwest girl, color-treated fine 3B, med-low porosity

Products: Suave Coconut condish, Giovanni Direct Leave-In, FSG or KCCC, AfroVeda Shea-Amla Cream

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