Does curly hair make me look ugly?

I'm sorry to ask a question I know most of you will find silly, but I ran into an old acquaintance today who commented that I "looked prettier before" and then looked at my hair. I used to straighten my hair pretty frequently, and it was a lot longer. Post-remove-the-damage-cut, my hair is short, and it curls even shorter. Sometimes I think I look like a boy, to be honest. I'm posting a link to my Fotki album. Does my hair really look that bad? It's been up and down a lot today thanks to lab... I would ask a friend, but I go to Caltech--a teeny tiny engineering school--and all of my friends are guys who know better than to answer questions about appearance honestly.

If that's a bad hair day, my life is a big long succession of them.
Tell your acquaintance to sod off. Bloody rude anyway to say to someone "you looked prettier before".
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Your hair is gorgeous and so are you!!!

I think you had another post that your hair looks that good after almost no time on CG which makes me totally jealous.

Hold your head high. There are just some people that don't like curly hair.

And you do NOT look like a guy!
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If you love your curls then who cares what they say. I still have friends that wonder why I stopped straightening but I just tell them I'll have pretty hair forever while theirs will dry up
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You don't look anything like a guy. Try not to let the ignorant rudeness of others get to you. Some people can't see past their own narrow view of the world and how everything in it should be.

Straight, curly, wavy, kinky, whatever. Natural looks better any day than the false beauty so many force upon themselves.

I don't know about you, but I can spot a person with straight hair that is supposed to be curly in a heartbeat. And it never looks comfortable.

You're beautiful and you have enviously gorgeous hair!
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I think your hair is pretty. I have been debating on getting my hair cut like yours!

I agree with a previous rude for someone to say that you looked "prettier" before. I have been through the same thing with my friends though. Commenting on how great my hair looks straight when they wrinkle up their noses at my curliness....

Loving JC and CK products... Been loving them for 3 years...looking to branch out and try new things!!!
That is a very feminine cute cut and it looks great on you!
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Your curls are beautiful!!! Nicole Kidman hair! You don't look like a boy at all. Your haircut looks great now, and those curls will look great if you grow them longer too.
This thread comes out at a good time. I went to the orthodontist today and all the technicians and receptionists made not so subtle attempts to determine what was different about my hair (I have regular appts for my braces). And this was kind of weird considering I have come in with my loose afro before. Something must have been different today. I straight out told them I had a straight weave last time they saw me and I like to change it up. They weren't as rude as your person, but when someone asks what you did different with your hair and they don't then compliment it, even though they are being polite about it, you can be pretty sure they don't like the change.

It did kind of knock me down for a bit but you just have to remember some people aren't ever going to like change or curly hair. Combine the two and get ready for some comments, some just out and out rude. Hold your head high, your hair looks gorgeous.

My Fotki
WOW! your hair is beautiful! and i agree, that was really mean of your friend or who ever to make that comment.
Those locks you have are to die for!!!!
You want my honest opinion? I'm JEALOUS of your curls, girl! You have some absolutely gorgeous hair there and don't let someone rude enough to say that in the first place get you down. Keep rocking your curls, I think they look great short and probably look awesome long too.
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Be glad your old aquaintance is just that - an old acquaintance and not a close friend. She sounds like an idiot - honey, your hair is beautiful!
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I'm JEALOUS too! Try to ignore the ignorance.
I think it's cute! My hair is about the same level of curly as yours and I've been considering chopping it from mid-back to about that length because it's cute and bouncy and summery.

People just take time to adjust to new hair, IMO, if they expect you to look a certain way and suddenly you look different.
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It looks great on you.
Your hair is looks gorgeous ! !
I think your hair is pretty. I have been debating on getting my hair cut like yours.
Your hair looks gorgeous! I've been through what you went through as well.
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Your hair is gorgeous!!

How rude of your aquaintance to say that to you.

Kerry xx
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Be glad your old aquaintance is just that - an old acquaintance and not a close friend. She sounds like an idiot - honey, your hair is beautiful!
Originally Posted by LisaF1163
Yes, I agree with this. Maybe she was jealous???
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair.

I feel like that was awfully rude of that person to say, please don't take it to heart.
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I agree (obviously!) with what everyone else said!

Seriously, you and your curls are GORGEOUS, that you should be proud of. Embrace the curls :-D

It's not your fault people can be ignorant, who cares what they think, we all think your hair is amazing!

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