Ever have the urge to...

There must be something about curlies that we can tell other curlies no matter how much they hide. I definitely always want to tell people I can tell their hair is curly and help them learn to care for it. My personal favourite is when girls try to pretend their hair is naturally straight, but there's always a chunk in the back that's still wavy. Subtle.

I want to run away and join the Cirque.


There are two girls I go to school with that have chemically straightened their hair until it is crispy - literally. Its all dry and stiff.

They were complaining one day and I shouted. "GO NATURAL! GOD GAVE YOU CURLS!!!"

I got stared out but at least I got the message across.
I'm starting to love my hair

WARNING: I come with spelling errors.

Loving the IceQueen Method

The biggest fight that we will never win, is the one with out hair.

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