co wash everyday? split ends help!!

so I have 3b-c curls that are asl and i gotten a trim the other day and i am already seeing new spilt ends! i have no idea what i am doing wrong but here is my routine:

1.shampoo 1x a week (sultfate free)

2.deep condition 1x a week for 15 mins with a plastic cap
over it (right after sampooing)

3.aply hair lotion

4. braid in 4 sections.

5.tie my hair up and go to sleep.


1. co wash (use only fingers to detangle *more gentle to the hair i think*)

2. aply lotion

3. style

I most of the time wear a bun and i try to be as gentle as possiable but i still get spilt ends very easily what is going on? am i co washing to often?
What kind of hair lotion are you using?
Currently Using: Suave Coconut, Aldi's Biolage Conditioning Balm knockoff, LOOB, and LA Looks sport and simple seems to be working better!
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What kind of hair lotion are you using?
Originally Posted by k_vssy
olive oil incredibly rich oil moisturizing hair lotion.

(find it in the black hair aisle)

by the way i am half white and half black.

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