Trimming your ends?

How often should you trim your ends of your hair? My daughter use to have very long hair until I cut it about a year ago. Since then I have not seen it grow to much. She gets her hair trim about 3 times a year. Should I be taking her more often? TIA
I would just monitor for split ends and trim it when you start to see splits.
Personally, I get shape issues sooner than I get split ends, so I've never really been able to test how long I can go (I always cut it to fix the shape issues after 3-4 months.) but I don't do anything damaging to my hair so I might be in the minority.
I've been getting drive-by trims for the past two years. Probably around an 1/8" every 4 months.

I was having shape issues so I got a bigger trim yesterday to get rid of some of the scraggly's.

It depends how much the stylist is taking off every 3 months. I think the stats on average growth are 1/4" to 1" per month. If she's on the low side of that and the stylist is trimming 1/4" or more each time, the growth would be getting cut away.
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