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Originally Posted by PrettyPorcupine View Post
...a method similar to Kinky Keeper's. If I wet-bun my hair I can get nice, smooth, lower-volume waves but ONLY if I let it dry 100%. Usually I get impatient and take it down too early and that just makes matters worse.

I have HUMONGOUS hair so I'm always looking for ways to tone down the volume. I know that sounds like a problem a lot of people *wish* they had but for those of us who do it is a freaking disaster. Anyway, some things I've learned:

For me, leaving in conditioner is a big no-no; major puffiness and no hold or definition.

NO scrunching, plopping, or diffusing. I rake product in quickly and get the heck out of my hair. The less touching the better.

TONS of product. There's a girl at my part-time job who has stunning long waves that she gets beautiful shine and definition in. I asked what she used for styling and she said "About a can of mousse a day." Joking, but there's truth in it. I use gobs of gel and make sure every hair is covered.

Great care with SOTC. Some days I don't even bother, just leave the hair crunchy and wet-looking. I don't love it like that (but I don't "love" my hair any way curly) but it is better than risking a SOTC if it's extra humid out and my hair is taking too long to dry.

I NEVER touch my hair without some product in it, usually gel or serum.

And avoid ANY product that calls itself "volumizing." This seems self-evident but I'm always blinkered by advice here that people should use volumizing products--among other things they are very drying.
Lol, you are funny in your potrayal of your struggle ( I mean that in a nice way "cold dead hands")

Thanks for sharing!
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