Constant Heavy Rain and Wind-Hair Misery...

3 solid days, and 3 more expected...What do you all do in pure rainy weather? I don't like to wear my hair up in public (fat face issues, lol!), and KCCC has actually kept frizz at bay...but my hair gets wet about 6 times before I get into work (get my stuff in the car, each kid in the car who remain amazingly dry, get kid 1 to school, get kid 2 to daycare, then me into work) and it turns kind of hard each time it redries. It's a hardness that will not scrunch out, and I feel like I have a bumpy helmet on all day. On the bright side, after 7 mos of growing it out, I broke down in all my bleak hair depression and scheduled an appointment with Tiffany for my birthday on the 30th (got lucky-someone just changed their apptmt). Any suggestions for what the heck to do with hair during messy weather would be greatly appreciated ...
I have different issues then you about putting my hair up which I won't dislose

The problem for me is always the crown getting flat during rain but I will put the sides up or just the bang section at the very top when it's a wet one. I'll criss cross a couple bobby pins or some other barrette.

I know that humectants are supposed to be problematic during this kind of weather but Honey works wonders for me! Last time we got lots of rain I spritzed with my Honey Spray and added some BRHG and it didn't frizz (any more then it normally does) it kept things under control. Another time I used pomade with the Honey spray which worked well too.

ETA: How COOL you're going to see Tiffany!!!!!! You will post pics right???

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What!? We got 3 more days of this rain? This week has been some craziness here in Florida. Well first want to say I feel your pain. Second I can think of a few solutions off the top of my head.

1. I have a fat face too, completely round, chubby cheek and it's true extreme pulled back styles aren't always the most flattering in round faces becuase they instantly expose the roundness. But don't discount all pulled back styles buns, ponytails, updos, braids. I have found they work if you leave out some bangs and hair around your face. Also assymetrical styles make your face look leaner or styles with some height on top.

2. I personally have been rocking some 2 strand twists during this weather. Very handy, keeps away shrinkage and frizz. Low maintenance. But you could do something similiar by applying some leave in conditioner and whatever hold product you usually use and then do a french braid or some quick braids or something and either leave them in during the day or take the braid(s) once you are inside, maybe let your hair dry a little first and your hair should turn out pretty frizz free and not really hard.

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It's been raining for over a week here, nine days I think, and my hair loves it! And wow I am glad for the rain, it was dry and crispy, things were starting to burn, it feels like a blessed monsoon.

We were at an inside/outside concert this weekend, and everybody who had straightened was sorry, LOL, my hair was very happy going in and out of the light (mostly) rain, it got bigger and bigger but that is fine with me. Everyone curly looked great, the straight haired were not so lucky.

WIND is a different matter. Two seconds in the wind and I am ruined. Twisting it all up into a huge clip when I step out seems to help, it untwists in close to the same arrangement it had before being twisted. But there is still some "wind damage".
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I have no suggestions as this rain is killing my hair too. Tuesday I wet my hair before i left the house so when I got to my destination it just looked like my hair was wet. Tomorrow I'll have to figure something else out I guess. Dropping the boys off at school and then breakfast with my dad and going out tomorrow night. In this weather we're having I have no idea how I'm gonna deal with it. I'm cg a little over a month now and this is not helping me. I guess summer is the wrong time of year to start a cg routine in Florida! If you figure something good out let all of us Florida girls in on it please!!!

Hahaha! Love it -- I must have one!
-- Does CurlMart carry this?
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LOL!!! Only one problem...I'm pretty sure my hair is bigger than that bonnet!
Always thinking, DEL! Thanks for the ideas. I've been just clipping part of my hair back, but the length continues to have issues...we were pounded again this morning, but hopefully there's an end in site. My girls want to canoe down the street again-thankfully, the neighbor that had the canoe moved...
A stylish hooded raincoat?
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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A stylish hooded raincoat?
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
Ah, but that's an oxymoron, and there's the problem! C'mon, haven't you noticed? All the stylish, trench-style raincoats have no hood. Once you add the hood, something has been lost.

I don't know why this is, but it is. And I hate it! I work on top of a hill that attracts every wind gust within a 50-mile radius. I would wear a hooded coat on non-rainy days.... if I could find one that looked decent. Maybe I will, someday.

Unless you've found a good one, in which case I hope you will share!
You know, I wouldn't care if a raincoat was stylish or not, but I have never figured out how to wear one and get in the car without getting the seats soaked...too inconvenient and uncomfortable for travel, but good for walking to get the mail, etc...
I'm on the west side of the state so we've had 3 days of rain but today so far, it's been dry. We need the rain but I miss the sunshine!

For whatever reason, my hair hasn't suffered too badly. On Tuesday it sprinkled all day and was damp. I went out with 2nd day hair and it got bigger but I had good curl definition. I did a protein treatment and DT on Sunday and my hair has been behaving pretty well since then.

Yesterday I did a baking soda scrub and went to Tiffany for a light cut and color. Apparently, I have more "fine" hair on my head than I thought and she recommended more protein. She used Deva BLI and Aguage Gel. I pineappled last night and gave it a spritz this morning. After it settled in, it looks pretty good. I have to go out this afternoon so we'll see how the weather affects it then. Sitting in A/C all day is easy.

I think it is well moisturized (maybe even a little over conditioned) and it's had a good shot of protein to fill in some of the holes so it isn't aborbing as much of the moisture in the air?
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I'm on the east coast and we're under flood warnings. It's rained a bit today but right now it's not raining, but then, there's no real sun either. I've got a heavy duty silicone serum in my hair and Ouidad climate control gel on top of it and I wstill look like I stuck my finger in a light socket!!!
I haven't come up with a decent solution for this rain either. The minute I go out, my hair starts frizzing out and then I get some nasty shrinkage. And this is even with using my anti-humidity spray that usually helps. I resorted to pulling it back the last couple days (it's just long enough now for a ponytail nub) but that doesn't really work either because although it controls it from being blown around in the wind, it isn't stopping the frizzing out and that is the worst part.

I go tomorrow to get a trim. I don't think that will help the frizzies but I figure it's time.
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