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lazy loops 05-26-2009 08:59 AM

A hard water mineral, etc.-remover w/out cleansers???
What I'm looking for removes hard water mineral deposits, medication, chlorine, etc., without traditional cleansers.

Or at least the one I have doesn't contain such, to my knowledge.

I can't find another bottle. I bought it at a closeout store.

Here's what is listed on the bottle:







There is a better way to have beautiful hair and you've just discovered it!


Removes chlorine, trace metals, mineral deposits and medication.

Active reconstruction leaves hair soft, manageable and free of residual build-up while protecting scalp and hands during chemical services.

TO USE: Clean hair thoroughly with the appropriate KAVA Shampoo, towel dry, evenly distribute a small amount of Clarifying Phinisher through hair, after a few minutes rinse thoroughly. Proceed to style as usual.

Contains sunscreen to protect hair from harmful effects of sun and pollution.

INGREDIENTS: Extract of Kava, Sage, Nettles, Watercress, Aloe, Chamomile, Ginsing, Yarrow, Horsetail, Kelp, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cetyl Alcohol, Peg-12 Disterate, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearalkonium Chloride, Stearyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Tetrasodium EDTA, Acetamide MEA, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Keratin, Sodium Lauriminodipropinoate, Glycerin, Panthenol, Glucose Glutamate, Avacado Oil, Sorbitol, Safflower Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Jojoba Oil, Simethicone, Dimethicone, Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Phosphoric Acid, Dicetyldimonium Chloride, Cetrimonium Bromide, Propylparaben, DMDM Hydantoin, Peppermint Oil, Octyl Dimethyl PABA, Menthol, FD&C Blue No. 1.

Manufactured for KAVA Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Is it (still) a clarifier or chelator since it's not a shampoo???

Where can I find a sulfate/traditional cleanser-free item like this???

These links are the only search results I got from Google for "KAVA CLARIFYING PHINISHER":

If you do a search for "KAVA Minneapolis Minnesota", the results are dissapointing; Kava... Minneapolis... Minnesota... *SIGH*

tinah 05-26-2009 09:08 AM

If you liked it - this place sells it...

lazy loops 05-26-2009 09:17 AM

I forgot to mention that I liked it, because the peppermint & menthol don't bother me. But maybe it's because the item's old or because those ingredients are so far down on the list. :dontknow:

So I'll say now that a new item shouldn't contain any cooling ingredient. Sorry about that! :oops:

Boomygrrl 05-26-2009 05:51 PM

I think the EDTA makes it chelating.

lazy loops 05-26-2009 06:04 PM

I believe you're right about the EDTA. I just didn't see the normal cleansers, even non-sulfate.

After searching for some time, I found something that seems similar, on Sally's!,pd.html

It doesn't say anything about removing medication though. :-?

And it's not cheap. One packet is $2.39! :shock:

lazy loops 05-27-2009 10:38 AM

On this board & the Reviews board I only found one post about it. :scratch:

I PM'd dalitwil to find out more.

I did find this about another product that does the same thing & I PM'd Kaisercurls about it.

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