Protein Ingredients to Look For

What products should I look for when looking for protein-free products? What products should be avoided?
At first, I would neither avoid nor overuse proteins until you figure out how your hair handles them. In general, fine hair needs more protein than coarse hair, but there are always exceptions.

As far as identifying them...

Obviously, anything that says protein.
Usually anything that says hydrolized-something will be a protein. Hydrolization makes big proteins smaller.

Amino acids - they are the building blocks of proteins. Some can handle these than straight proteins.

Grain or animal extracts. Most grains have protein (think of the gluten intolerant folks who can't handle gluten protein. These are OK for some and bother others. Grain oils should be fine as they are 100% fat, although trace amounts may appear through processing.

Things like milk, placenta, etc.

Coconut oil is not a protein, but it can help with protein retention. Some protein sensitives are bothered by it, but I would not avoid it right away.

Jojoba oil is technically a liquid wax and may contain a little protein.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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I also found this site (linked from here of course) that gives a list of protein free products (with a warning that you should read the ingredients and double check).
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Also a list here:
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Wheat, keratin, silk, soy, amino acids, collagen, are a few that I can think of. My hair likes collagen the best out of all proteins. Protein is good to use after you color or if you stretch a hair out and it stretches like gum and doesn't go back to it's original shape.

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