Speak to me of Curl Junkie for fine hair

thanks so much -- i clearly have been using too much cccc, so i will cut back and hope that will do the trick.
now, about how much afg do you use? more than cccc, right?
and, i know on her website marsha says to smooth in afg if you want loser curls, scrunch it in if you want more defined.
so, how much afg, and how do you apply it? and, is your hair thin, med, or thick, long or short?
and, do you then use another gel on top?
Originally Posted by rbb
BSL, medium density, fine texture - I posted above how much and what gel on top. I smooth, rake then scrunch. How's that for confusing?
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Well I see a CJ thread and I find it hard not to speak! Lolo obviously our hair is very different. If I say how much I use then maybe it will give you an idea how much "not" to use this may help rbb as well. My hair is just past my shoulders very thick and coarse, the rest of my hair props. are in my siggie.

I had started experimenting with sectioning over the Winter then got lazy. I find with AF it works much better with product distribution to section, I do 4. When I scrunched everything in I was getting some frizz which I didn't mind. But, I had to experiment to see if the frizz was due to not enough product because the AF and CCCC are both creamy and thick. With AF I blotted out excess water and used about 2 nickel size blobs on each section smoothed, raked and scrunched then scrunched in about a dime size of BRHG. Then I gave my whole head a good scrunch just to make sure I didn't miss a single hair! I've come to the conclusion that less is more in terms of product layering when using CJ products. I don't like the way my hair feels with CK underneath but a drop of LI worked well. I've only used CCCC once and didn't get good distribution but I'm thinking for my hair it may be better for colder Dews.
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Thanks, Del! That is helpful. I clearly used waaaaaay too much AFG. It just didn't seem like enough.

If I'd have known it was this easy to get my hair straight (by using too much curly product), I never would have had to use a flat iron. LOL.
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whatsercurl -- i most certainly understand smooth, rake & scrunch!! pretty much what i do with most products.
okay, so now it seems as tho i might be using too much afg.... hmmm, okay, now i can see that. i was a long time user of deva, and i know that too much of the angell or arc angell made my hair lifeless, and a little was very good.
okay, so tomorrow i will try using less afg.
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