Diffusers: on a budget

So I am looking to buy a diffuser.

I found two on Amazon that are pretty cheap..

Conair Curl Fusion Dryer


I did search on it here but was wondering if anyone is still using it. It being flat does it work well/not blow hair around.

Second is :
Vidal Sasson VS505 1875W Fast Dry Turbo Dryer


Seems to be more of a bowl shape. Anyone use it.
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Mine is closer to the second one. It pretty much looks like this one although I don't think mine is tourmaline ceramic. I got mine a couple years ago


I like it. I have always used a bowl diffuser. The fingers are down inside the bowl like this

This was my first time trying one that has fingers sticking out without a bowl and it works well. However I will say most of the time I don't even touch my hair with the diffuser. I do a tiny bit in the back to get some lift but the rest of my hair, I just point at my head maybe 2 inches away and periodically move around.The less I move my hair around the better and this way I don't disrupt the curls but also don't get the pointed air of a hairdryer with no diffuser.
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I own the first one. And I also have the Curly Top model on that same page.
I've used that style of dryer/diffuser for many many years. I like it as it is smaller - easier to pack, and lighter - easier to use.
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I had one similar to the second one that rnc posted only it was a bigger bowl. It worked well until I dropped it and it broke! Being on a tight budget at the time I decided to try a sock diffuser and I must say it works really well and it only cost me $6. I've never diffused by touching my hair with the diffuser (eg like the pixiecurl method) as it causes frizz, so the sock is just fine for me.
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