Denmans... which one and where to buy in the UK?

Okay, I'm confused about Denman brushes here. I read some things saying use a D3, some a D4, some a D41 - and I've seen pictures, and it looks like the most widely spaced is the D41. I don't generally have issues with detangling, but I want something that'll help distribute product some and define/clump my curls better. Any suggestions as to which one?

Also, while I can get some of these brushes at my local Boots, I can't find all of them (the only one I find with any regularity is the D4). There is a UK website, but I can't seem to find a brick-and-mortar store that sells the whole range. Suggestions from UK curlies who've found them here?
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I just found a D3 at Sally's. No idea if they have them at the UK Sally's.

They also had a Denman comb with 3 rows of widely spaced teeth, which I think might work well for distributing product through the hair too.
I think you can find Denmans in almost any stores I have always got mine from my local afro hair shop (which has now turned into a sally's) or Boots but I know local chemsits in my area as well as Superdrug and boots sell them... maybe even bigger Asda and Tescos
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I got mine at Asdas. (D3)
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