Long Lovely Locks Grean Tea Cleanse-LOVE

I posted my initial review on the product review board, but I want to share the love here. This could be an HG for me! Yes, it is pricey, but this is the first time ever my hair has felt very clean, non-stripped, and actually moisturized and not crunchy on the ends! It also distributes very easily through my hair, which I always have trouble with. It actually has "slip" to it. It is sulfate free, and uses soapnut extract for it's main surfactant. I've been using it with GVP conditioning balm and I'm amazed at how well my hair responded.
2B/2C wavy
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This is one of my favorites too!
med/coarse; porous; 2c & 3c
protein sensitive
too much glycerin and some oils give me stringlets


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This is one of my favorites too!
Originally Posted by hmixon
I wish I would have tried this sooner! I can't believe that all the issues I was having with dry canopy and ends were due to my shampoos. And, these were all "gentle" sulfate free poos that I only used at most every other day. Maybe I'll actually be able to keep my hair longer now!
2B/2C wavy
Don't Breed and Buy While Shelter Dogs Die - Adopt your next best friend!

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